Hello, my name is William James Coker and I'm a digital designer and illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest.

Building on over a decade of illustration and design experience, I strive for adaptive, interesting, and inventive designs.

I love creating work that's both fun for the viewer and suits the artistic style of the occassion. From clean and professional, light and happy, chic and trendy, all the way down to dark and gritty, I’ve been able to suit my work to the needs of my clients.

I believe smooth and dynamic motion graphics are a simple and effective way to grab attention.

"Will is the guy that I go out of my way to work with, because I know that the quality of the work-product will go up exponentially due to his talent and expertise."

-Corlene Ankrum, PhD


On top of my own web and illustrative work, I've also done a wide arrange of layout, content, and motion graphics for Slumberkins, an amazing company dedicate to creating emotional learning creatures and stories to help raise resilient, caring, and confident children.


Drop me a line for advice, work, or to chat.