Digital Design work done for Slumberkins, a start-up dedicated to children's emotional well-being.

Educator's guide to The Feels, with a smiling Yeti on the cover
Slumberkins Photoshopped onto a Kix box, to pitch a partnership.
Slumberkins graphics overlayed onto a bedroom scene.
The Slumberkins Bigfoot holding a Parents Magazine logo, with his hand convincingly moving over the logo.


Design and art created for clients, school, and personal enjoyment.

An illustration of wizard speaking with a squirrel, while a dragon looks on playfully.
A logo for the Clark Aerospace Club, with a rocket flying over a horizon.
A logo for the Clark Drone Club, with a skull-shaped drone dropping water on a forest fire.
A beer label featuring a couple embracing.


Website and web animation work. I strive for stability, similicity, and interesting design. All work is created in HTML and CSS, with the occasional CMS.

Personal webpage featuring an illustration of a linework figure standing on water and looking up at a grid.
Mock up beer storefront for a brewery, featuring hand created labels.
Mock-up website for a brewery, with an image of a hand pouring beer from a tap.
Presentation section for

Motion Graphic Reel