Client requested an illustrator for the front and back of a t-shirt, as part of a team uniform for a Naval Diving School. They had already discussed concepts, including a classic dive suit with crab parts, or a crab with the same type of helmet used as a shell.

Rough sketch of the classic dive suit with a crab claw.


I drafted up a series of rough sketches based on their concepts, and after feedback we went with the dive suit with a reflective crab arm. They wanted to push the idea that the design should have a military illustration style, with a dark and gritty design. I did a final, cleaned up sketch for their approval.

After getting the green-light, I scanned the artwork into Adobe Illustrator and began tracing shapes. I considered this the best program for the job because I knew it would scale well, lines would be exceptionally clean, and edits would be easier to make. The final aspect of this was especially important, as at the final stage the client realized the design was supposed to be yellow on blue, not blue on yellow, and I had to pivot to convert the negative space of the illustration from shadow to highlight.

Finished design on a blue shirt with yellow graphics.


After working with the printer on what sort of files they needed, a week later they were brought to life. Seeing the finished product was extremely rewarding, and the team was able to sport a polished, professional, and interesting design that was beyond what they had imagined. Seeing the finished product was extremely rewarding. Total turn-around time was one week.