I was approached by a client to update her non-profit website that hosted her body of work studying shorebirds in the western hemisphere. She wanted something more contemporary than her previous site, along with a way to effectively host her large number of research papers and articles.

Original version of the website, badly outdated.


Her original site was well made but very dated. After some discussion we decided that she would be better served with a content management system in order to update a blog and news section of her site, and raise her SEO.

I found a Wordpress theme that I thought would suit her needs, and began to build. I retraced her logo in Adobe Illustrator, as her previous one was a small, low-quality JPG, downloaded and ordered her work, and found a number of stock images to supplement her photography.

Updated version of the site, at a much higher resolution and responsive.


The finished page is better organized, more visually engaging, and built for mobile and a modern desktop screen. Also, her central work, The Migration of Shorebirds, is enhanced by images, titles, and a navigation section. Total time until the site was completed was one month.