Create a book sleeve to contain sets of four Slumberkins Board Books. outside should have a simple, clean presentation. The cover artwork should make use of the watercolor art that Slumberkins is known for, and should adhere to the brand guide regarding color, copy, and logo.

Rough mock up of book sleeve, with image overlayed onto a photograph of a blank version.


As with every project, I began by creating a mood board and running concept by my art director and co-ceos. The turn-around time on this project was quick, and something polished and professional was more important that rounds of revisions in this instance.

After deciding on a direction, I created multiple mock ups, took photos of a blank box and overlaid my designs on them in Photoshop, and presented them to the team. After some feedback, I added the final design to the product dieline, blended the artwork for the top of the box, lined everything up, and sent it out!

Finished book sleeve, with photographed on a white background with holiday props.


The final product is a flexible design that fits a variety of board books in any combination. I was especially happy about the watercolor artwork being visible inside the box as well. We went for a matte paper on the heavier side, and the books fit perfectly and seem right at home within the design. Total turn-around time, from brief to sending out artwork, was four days.